Our philosophy

Our Vision is to be a consultancy provider for environmental management in shipping industries using technology transformation and security. Learn more

Our mission

Our Mission is to develop a solid approach to environmental management especially for the maritime industry. We try to support the requested policies using technology and data transformation. Learn more

Our services

We support all business related in the maritime industry and financial sector. We support policy and regulation organizations to establish their requested security standards. Learn more


Technology into Environmental Management Regulations

Envamare and its corresponded domain envadec.com is an independent service consultancy company for environmental and technology management. We assist maritime and industry companies to establish an environmental policy and achieve a solid commitment toward to regulatory authorities’. Our approach moves through the technology transformation of present and tomorrow. We support the requested regulations and their impact to daily business processes of the customer.

Time ago, poor environmental legislation existed in relation to shipping activities. Due to environmental issues, there is drastically a demand to ISO-14001 requirements implementation.

Wherever our clients operate, we have the knowledge and the experience to provide definitive advice. We work closely with them to provide commercial & technical, cost-effective solutions that help to maximise returns, manage assets and risks and adjust to cyclical peaks and troughs.

After prudently remaining on the sidelines, Envamare believes that now is the time to invest in Maritime-consultancy-operations for environmental and security procedures.

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