Cyber Security and its Business Transformation.

Transportation systems like ships, are objects that are moving as they transport objects which are connected using data.

 Consequently digitalization into navigation becomes an important factor for Cyber-Secutity.

Cyber Security demands awareness and education for understanding the regulations and accepting controlling into this special market. It is essential that specialists that are engaged into such security areas, that will understand the available systems & technology.

Into IMO, guidelines are existing, that support cyber security into shipping industry. Older and experience members of companies should transfer the knowledge of such guidelines, from top to the bottom, for reaching appropriate awareness.

However the global Cyber-Security guidelines are here also essential for the Data living management.

Security practitioners should use cryptographic systems to meet the fundamental goals such: confidentiality, integrity, authentication and non-repudiation.

Achieving each of these goals requires the satisfaction of a number of design requirements.  Especially for transportation systems the meaning of  three types of data is very important:

  • Data at rest.
  • Data in transit.
  • Data in use.

As technology consultants  we take care of those guidelines and supporting the Business Transformation. More into