Cyber Security and its Business Transformation.

As Naval-Architect and having been more than 30 years into IT and Audit business have seen early enough the meaning of Technology transformation into shipping industry and its peripheries. I am trying to establish a technology blog that will show the particularity an interoperabillity of those complex areas.

Into those articles I try to emphasize the necessity of changing culture to accept security mentality into the whole company. Such culture and awareness is not only a matter of IT but of a whole company. Follow the entries into

To the next we are going to discuss the Cyber-Security transformation and application into the shipping industry. Other industries as well as financial sectors are running a changing behaviour to come up with recognition and understanding the threats and their mitigations.

But how is that security process in shipping? They are a couple of questions to be answered here.

Ships are objects that are moving and are connected for transfering Data between them or into the operation offices.

 Digitalization into navigation becomes an important factor for  Cyber-Secutity.

Cyber Security demands awareness and education for understanding the regulations and accepting controlling into this special market.

They are guidelines for every industry. Similarly guidelines of IMO for cyber security into shipping industry are existing. Older and experience members of companies should transfer the knowledge of such guidelines, from top to the bottom, for reaching appropriate awareness.

In Envamare we take care of those guidelines and supporting the Business Transformation. More into