Environmental Technology as Business Model.

The transformation of environmental management technology, demands that regulations  and controling being involved into the corresponding departments.

To the next we will present a business model, that will show the concept of environmental management into business areas, and how this can be applied. Follow the entries into www.envadec.com

We should discuss the factor of using technology for the application of environmental procedures.

With Technology we mean the available IT technology of the company, or the required technology for environmental issues.

Into this blog of envadec.com we show the use of controls and the required environmental rules, using different technologies.

The IMO regulations have such proposals related to demanding Technology for Environmental Management.

From this year new regulations demanding additional rules of fuel combustion are in charge. Shipowners have to implement scrubber technology. The installation and configuration such a scrubber technology raises the costs for a ship to approximately 2-5 million dollars. With such high costs companies are searching alternatives that will support the environmental regulations and avoid the high cost factor.

Technology helps to develop and establish a strategy for management of Environmental-Data.

Envamare with http://envadec.com embracing a technology strategy that improves efficiency and the management of environmental data.

Contact us for our environmental policy model implementing ISO-14001 controls: https://www.envadec.com/contact/

The strategy is based on a vision model that explains the benefits of well-managed environmental data. Guidelines with recommendations describe how authorities and organizations shall jointly manage environmental data to realize the vision.

Environmental data is an important company resource. Well managed Data can provide a good basis for any assesment that will help to understand possible risks and create remediations. It is also important to understand the ISO 14001 for environmental protection controls.

But how Environmental-Data are managed and transferred between ashore and ofshore? We will present some recommendations to succeed make Data availability globally.