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On Today’s IMO ‘s environmental regulations for shipping industries, a main reference is done into the available procedures, for Data-Management and Cyber-Security. In Envamare we know the impact of not using Technology-Procedures into the environmental management.

Started as Naval-Architect and moved into the IT-Technology we present a diversification of projects into those areas. We strongly believe that companies using environmental management, in the future must mostly integrate the necessary application and their business-procedures.

We act as independent consultants trying to evaluate the impact of Technology using the environmental regulations of Classification’s Societies and Authorities.

We are trying to accelerate our vision statement which is the transformation into Business of:

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Approach with organisational controls for information security

Data Management

When it comes down to use environmental management procedures, especially into maritime sector cyber security and data management plays an important role.

Environmental Regulations

Environmental Regulations and their applications.

We are located in central Switzerland having access to requested technologies and international trends into to aforementioned areas.

Contact us for bonus free consultancy analyzing your business areas for environmental regulatory.

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